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Mark Your Calendars! The New Adult Scavenger Hunt Is Coming Your Way . . .


Hello Everyone! Hope you are excited as I am, because we have less than three weeks until the Winter 2019 New Adult Scavenger Hunt begins, and you can win FIVE (5) amazing e-books to add to your Kindle library! Here is the Winter 2019 #NewASH team:


The New Adult Scavenger Hunt begins at Noon Eastern Time on Wednesday, December 25th and runs through Sunday, December 29th. For more information, visit New Adult Scavenger Hunt

It's going to be fun! So please join us!


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December 5-25

A Sleighful of Prizes and Video Holiday
Greetings from the Authors!

Come listen and watch as some of your favorite romance authors give you their best wishes for the holiday in a special video! To celebrate the season, they’re giving away a grand prize package that includes a Kindle Fire, 6-months of Kindle Unlimited, and a $20 Amazon gift card. Santa also has a bag full of runners-up prizes, including gift cards and ebook prize packs.

Still want more? Check out the fantastic reads in the Holiday Wishes All Romance Genres Book Fair, and play the Scavenger Hunt Game for your chance at a $50 Amazon gift card!

(This giveaway is sponsored by the authors listed below)

Allyson Lindt • Amanda Uhl • Angelica Kate • Anne McClane • C.A. King • C.D. Gorri • Crystal Dawn • Danielle M Haas • Debbie White • Diane Benefiel • Elizabeth Rose • Elsie Davis • Emmanuelle de Maupassant • G.K. Brady • ID Johnson • Jacqueline Diamond • Jacquie Biggar • JC Andrijeski • Jina Bacarr • Joanne Dannon • Josie Riviera • Judith Sterling • Karen Michelle Nutt • Kat Drennan • Kat Samuels • Keta Diablo • Kristy Tate • Laurel O'Donnell • Maria Elena Alonso Sierra • Melissa McClone • Michelle Jo Quinn • Mona Sedrak • Monique McDonell • Naomi Bellina • Penelope Wylde • Ravyn Wilde • Regan Walker • Rhondi Ann • Samantha Keith • Sara Beth Williams • Shana Gray • Sofie Darling • Soraya Naomi • Stormy Legend • Tammy Andresen • Victoria Saccenti • Zoe Dawson • Aileen Harkwood

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Welcome Author PJ Sharon! #FREE Book In SAVAGE CINDERELLA Series

Please help me welcome PJ Sharon to Keta's Keep. She's here to tell us about her brand new release... and if you keep reading, there's a surprise in store for you! The first book in the series is #FREE. Visit her web site (link below) to claim your free book. 

LIBERTY’S PROMISE (A Savage Cinderella Novella #5) by PJ Sharon

Blurb: Liberty’s Promise, the fifth novella in the SAVAGE CINDERELLA series continues the journey of kidnap survivor turned rookie cop, Brinn Hathaway. Rebounding from her previous near-death adventure, Brinn travels to New York City where her co-worker and current roomie, Detective Daniella Hernandez, is attending to a family crisis. When Dani’s old flame—a superior officer—threatens to destroy her career and her family’s legacy, Brinn vows to do whatever necessary to protect her friend.

Investigating a sergeant in the NYPD for his personal and criminal misconduct might be overstepping jurisdictional boundaries and not exactly a good career move. But bringing to justice the man who had once tormented her friend—and who continues to pose a threat—is worth the risk for Brinn. When it becomes clear the serial stalker won’t be an easy target, and that he’s willing to go to any lengths to escape his dark deeds, Brinn discovers that taking down one of New York’s finest could cost both women more than just their jobs. 

Read Chapter 1 on Wattpad

PJ’s Bio: 
In addition to her day job as a Massage Therapist, PJ Sharon is an award-winning author of young adult books, including the contemporary novels PIECES of LOVE, HEAVEN is for HEROES, ON THIN ICE, and Holt Medallion winner SAVAGE CINDERELLA. Follow the Savage Cinderella Novella Series with FINDING HOPE, LOST BOYS, SACRED GROUND, BROKEN ANGEL, and her latest release, LIBERTY’S PROMISE.

WANING MOON, WESTERN DESERT, and HEALING WATERS completes her YA dystopian trilogy, The Chronicles of Lily Carmichael, which RT Book Reviews calls “An action-packed read with a strong female lead.”

Her debut non-fiction title Overcome Your Sedentary Lifestyle (A Practical Guide to Improving Health, Fitness, and Well-being for Desk Dwellers and Couch Potatoes) is a holistic living, self-help guide packed with easy to implement tips sure to motivate today’s sedentary masses toward a more balanced and active lifestyle. For more info on PJ’s books and updates on new releases, sign up for her newsletter or visit her website.

In her “real life” job as a Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, and Yogi, PJ has been called “a powerhouse of positivity and productivity.” Her mantra is “find balance in all things and live every day to the fullest.” A black belt in the art of Shaolin Kempo Karate, avid kayaker, and singer of Italian art songs, PJ has two grown sons and a growing brood of grandchildren, and lives with her brilliant engineer of a husband in the Berkshire Hills of Western MA where she writes YA/NA…because every teen deserves a hopefully ever after.

Find PJ on the Net here:

Amazon Author Page
Wattpad (Free Stories)
Watch Book Trailers

Here's the surprise I promised you, and I know you're going to love it. 

Thanks so much for dropping by PJ. We really enjoyed reading about your books!

Monday, November 25, 2019

Welcome FAB #Author Dariel Raye to Keta's Keep!

I'm so honored to have awesome author, Dariel Raye, to my blog today. She's not only a great writer but such a sweet soul. Thank you for taking the time to read about her new Christmas book! Note: Christmas Wish # 1 and Christmas Wish #2.

“Secret Admirer’s Christmas Wish #1”

Sometimes, a little Christmas magic delivers love in the most inconvenient places.

Cheryl Hightower has an iron-clad mind for figures, statistics, and organization. That’s all well and good, but she also has a creative side screaming to be unleashed from a desk, computer, and horn-rimmed glasses. When she finally finds the courage to follow her heart, her orderly life seems to unravel, leading her to a new job with vipers at every turn, and leaving her in a position of uncertainty for the first time since childhood.

The resulting encounter with the object of her secret crush – who also happens to be her new boss – prompts both of them to acknowledge the emptiness they’ve endured for far too long. The challenge is figuring out what to do about it.

Free with KU

“Secret Admirer’s Christmas Wish #2”

When a former ugly duckling and the former class heart-throb come together as adults, they find out they have more in common than they realized.

Glenda Shaw knows firsthand what it’s like to be an ugly duckling, and now, she is roped into helping to organize her tenth-year class reunion. The speaker this year is none other than Hunter Teegs, the object of her dreams since their sophomore year in high school. She’s a dedicated social worker with a heart the size of Texas, but her hectic schedule doesn’t allow much time for dating or entertainment.

Hunter Teegs is a self-made financial powerhouse with a boatload of charisma and a winning sense of humor. He’s also a notorious womanizer and heartbreaker. He has no interest in settling down any time soon, if ever. To make matters worse, he has recently noticed details from his childhood that cause him to question everyone and everything he’s come to believe.

When Glenda and Hunter are brought together again, fireworks nearly knock both of them off their feet, and not necessarily in a good way. Glenda knows more than one secret about Hunter, and sharing the most crucial one could mean the end of their relationship before it even gets started.

Free with KU

Thursday, November 14, 2019

New Cover - New #Excerpt - Dark Night of Moon #paranormal

Last week, I posted some new covers on the blog for a duet I wrote some years ago: Moon of the Sleeping Bear, Book 1, and Dark Night of the Moon, Book 2.

It's kind of fun to read through a book you once wrote for several reasons.

1) You're hoping your writing has improved over the years.
2) You're wondering if the genre is still selling well in today's market.
3) And, if you're like me, you say to yourself, "Did I really write that book?"

Dark Night of the Moon is the second book in the series. Sage, our heroine, has realized the wolf that has been following their covered wagon, seems intently interested in their journey, times, seems almost human. Something tells her this is no ordinary wolf, even if she doesn't believe the Native American legend and lore that men can, indeed, turn into wolves.

About Dark Night of the Moon
A paranormal wolf shifter, Dark Night of the Moon, is the sequel to Moon of the Sleeping Bear.

Creed Gatlin flees to Arizona intent on eradicating the haunting memories of his brother's wife, Lauren. Brand Gatlin, presumed dead, resurfaces after a long absence and with his reemergence, the destinies of those he loves are altered forever.

In a land rife with war and danger, Sage must travel to the village of her husband's People, the Winnebago. There, she is reunited with Crooked Back, the ancient healer. On the long trek back to Full Circle, devious plots are underfoot and peril lurks around every corner for Sage, Lauren and Peter Pa. Dark Night of the Moon will take you on an unforgettable journey of war, violence, overwhelming grief, and finally, love.

Setup: Sage has been kidnapped by a rogue Indian, Mad Bear. She is closely watched by Looks Back while Mad Bear is off killing the white man. While taking her normal morning foray into the bushes to relieve herself, both she and Looks Back spy the wolf that's been stalking her. Looks Back views the wolf as a threat and intends to kill him with an arrow.

The branches of a nearby scrub rustled, no doubt a critter searching for his next meal. A phantom sensation claimed Sage, a feeling she couldn't ignore. Turning her head toward the noise, a quiet gasp split her lips. The yellow eyes of the wolf looked into hers. “Walking Spirit,” she whispered, her heart pounding.

Time hung suspended between the boundaries of sanity and the absurd. Reason told her men didn't turn into wolves, and yet she knew in her heart her man had.

Looks Back spun around, his keen sense alerted to danger. He pulled an arrow from his quiver and lined up his bow. Sage scrambled to her feet and adjusted her clothing. With narrow eyes, Looks Back notched the arrow and drew back on the sinew.

“No!” she screamed and lunged toward the shrub. A white-hot pain shot through her chest. She looked down and watched the blood soak her doeskin dress. My blood? Sage fell to her knees, teetered for a minute time and crumbled to the ground. A canopy of pine branches spun overhead. “Run, Walking Spirit, run!” she gasped between pain-filled breaths.

Looks Back loomed over her, his face masked in terror. He drew her into his arms and sprinted back to camp, stumbling over his own feet as he entered Mad Bear's lodge. Laying her on a pile of soft branches, he knelt beside her and stared at the arrow embedded in her torso.

Pain choked her when she turned to look at him. “You must pull the arrow out.”

Tremors claimed his lean body when the howl of the wolf split the still air. He rose and paced the tipi, his eyes locked on the opening.

“You must pull it out! If you don't, I'll die, and so will you when Mad Bear returns.”

He came to an abrupt halt, his face white with fear. “I cannot do this thing.”

“You can and you will.” She didn't believe for a minute he cared about her welfare, but she had to convince him if he didn't remove the arrow Mad Bear would kill him when he returned. 

He knelt beside her again, sweat from his forehead trickling into his dark eyebrows. He jumped when the haunting lament from the wolf echoed around them.

“Soon I’ll lose consciousness from the loss of blood. You must hurry--break it off close to the skin.”

His voice faltered. “Then what must I do?”

“Dig the arrow out with your knife.”

“No, no. Do not ask this of Looks Back.”

Struggling for breath, she rose to an elbow and stared into his dark eyes. “You listen to me. I'll be dead by nightfall if you don't. My medicine pouch, there.” She pointed to a shelf over her berth. Find the bone needle and pull a strong hair from your horse's tail to sew up the wound when you're done.”

The brave rose, pulled the pouch from the shelf and handed it to her. She dumped the contents on the floor and held a twisted stem before him. “Cat's claw. Once the arrow is removed, place the leaves over the wound and cover it with a wet rag.”

He shook his head.

“No more talk.” She softened her voice. “If you plan to grow old, you must remove it. Now, find a leather thong I can put between my teeth, and be quick.”

Thanks for stopping by today to read my excerpt!

ps: I enjoyed reading the book all over again.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Release Day For I SPY A DEMON - #99cents and #KindleUnlimited

*•.¸(`*•.¸(`*•.¸`*•.¸ ¸.•*´)¸.•*´)¸.•*´)¸.•*´


¸.•*´(¸.•*´(¸.•*´¸.•*´ `*•.¸`*•.¸)`*•.¸)`*•.¸

I Spy A Demon is now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited for

When twins Cecily and Calder Sizemore’s parents are killed in a car accident, they’re adopted by the Frost family—Gus, Mae and their sons, Marcel and Elliott. Over the years, Cecily’s love for Marcel evolves into anything but sisterly.

Cecily always knew something was amiss in the Frost household. Little things belied the calm, peaceful ambiance Mae did her best to portray. Calder tried to warn her things were not as they appeared, but she didn’t want to believe him. When Calder begs her to leave Des Moines, start a new life away from the secrets, away from the Frosts and away from Marcel, she takes his advice and her shattered heart and moves to Minnesota.

Now she’s been called home for her beloved brother's funeral. There's more to the story than meets the eye. Discrepancies in how her twin died lead her back to Des Moines, and back to Marcelthe boy who stole her heart, the man whose very presence turns her blood to liquid fire. Marcel has always kept dangerous secrets, but this time, Cecily is determined to uncover the truth about the Frosts… and the truth about how Calder really died.

She’ll find out what really happened to her brother, even if it’s her last act in life.

* * *
“I Spy A Demon Was Fabulous! Chemistry between Cecily & Marcel is powerful. A twist near the end made the journey very satisfying.” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"This is a fantastic fast paced short story filled with love, betrayal, and a demon fight that will leave you saddened and breathless."⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

My first story by this author and the writing was smooth. The ending was a shocker, and the story ended in a HEA." ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
“What a read! I love how this story gripped me from the first page and kept me paging through to the end.” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"I thoroughly enjoyed this urban fantasy novella. The sharp, witty character and scene descriptions bring the reader into the story without slowing the pacing, which is fast and full of suspense." ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️