Thursday, November 22, 2012

@BTShowcase - a great promo opp for Authors!

Book and Trailer Showcase -- my friend and I hope yours soon-- has a list of fantastic promotional opportunities for authors.

Get a load of their "site views" below!

One thing you want to consider from the list is placing an ad for your book in their monthly BTSeMag, my fave!

BTS is accepting ads for the January BTSeMag. Ads are due by Dec 1st. Now when you place an ad with us, your book is considered by the BTS review team. If chosen, the review goes into the magazine.

Ad Rates: Full pg - $40
1/2 pg - $20
1/4 pg - $10

Our views continue to grow tremendously. The September issue had 40,000 views in one month, while the Nov issue had mid 30,000 views in less than 2 weeks. Get your ad seen by thousands of readers.

E-mail to place an ad.

Have a great day! 

1 comment:

FCEtier said...

30,000 views in two weeks?
That can't all be other authors.
Have any of the advertisers offered any sales results?
I'm very interested.