Sunday, November 11, 2012

Racism and the Election ... God Bless America

In regard to a "stupid" post on the Internet about Racism and Re-election of Obama.

Race (and racism) should be left out of politics, but it must start with the leader of our country. Let me repeat: RACISM has no place in our country. We should not judge people by the color of their skin, their sexual preference or their religion. We can only judge people by what's in their hearts and their souls. We include people in our lives, and indeed, celebrate them because of WHO they are, not what they are or where they came from. 

I am an Independent voter (adored Hillary and liked Romney). I do not and cannot support a President, black or white, man or woman, who is set on a systematic course to divide America by rich versus poor, black versus white, and even man against woman. A President is supposed to serve for the entire country, represent the entire constituency. If you doubt this President's ability to do just that, I refer you back to the race-baiting, gender-dividing, class warfare of HIS campaign. Leaders lead by EXAMPLE not by vitriolic words.

I'm sure many Republicans are exhibiting "sour grapes" and some are downright enraged over the launch of untrue attacks against their representative Romney. Winning is winning in the end, but if our President must win an election at all costs, even by dividing a Nation, NO ONE wins, least of all America.

As a result of his endorsed tactics, our Congress remains divided,thousands are losing their jobs over the re-election (layoffs) because only 50% of the country has faith in Obama's ability to LEAD. The Dow crashed by 500 points and the Benghazigate cover-up looms over us. The Director of our CIA has resigned under a black cloud of sex, spies, blackmail and an FBI investigation. Our Treaurer, Geitner, is resigning as is our very controversial leader of the Justice Department, Holder.

But ... many received their Obama phones again, and Ms. Fluke, soon to make $160K a year, will get her FREE birth control. These things have, in retrospect, divided our country and sent us plummeting back to the Civil War controversy (racial fight). How very sad for America. 

Please, let’s do our research before lashing out at unintelligent, misguided posts on Facebook made by ONE person. 

Democrats and lamestream journalists pulled the race card every time the Republications attempted to endorse their man. The RACISM started at the top -- with Obama, and it's hardly fair for all concerned to cry "foul" now.

Am I angry over the election results? Hardly. I find it poetically amusing. America will now reap what they have sewn. And I think many will question where their head was in that voting booth as the next 4 years play out.

We should not vote on RACE, GENDER or WEALTH. If we love our country, truly love America, we should vote on RECORD, POLICIES and the ability to LEAD the greatest Nation on earth. We should not vote for a man/woman because he/she promises FREE entitlements. America is not and never has been based on “What your country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country.” – John Kennedy, a Democrat (yes, I loved him too).

For America to survive, we cannot covet and endorse a society that is dependent upon government for FREE stuff. We must all lead by striving for self-reliance, taking control of one’s own future, and most importantly, LIBERTY. My ancestors died for liberty and freedom from an oppressive government. To see America fall back to similar oppression because 50% of the populace voted for Obama is heartbreaking.   

We must remember that the Republicans' man received almost 50% of the vote -- that means something -- that means our country is very divided on this Presidency. We must RESPECT their voices too. After all, they also love their country and hopefully wanted what they thought was best for America.

I’m first and foremost an American and I love my country. I don’t care if our leader’s skin is black, white, yellow or red, but I do care about the course our President take is in the future by learning from the past. I don’t see much hope in that area on the horizon.

God Bless America 
God Bless America -- she's going to need every blessing she can call forth in the next four years.