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Reviewers Could Learn a Thing or Two From Fictional Candy Web Site

 How many times have you read a review on Goodreads, Shelfari or Amazon and scratched your head after reading? How many times have you read a review and said, "Great, the reviewer loved the book, but WHAT was it about? Personally for me .... hundreds.

Posting a review on Goodreads that tells your audience how much you loved the book is NOT a review. Posting on Amazon about your star-struck love over the author is NOT a review. Awarding the book five stars without telling readers how and why you arrived at this coveted award is NOT a review.

Unfortunately, readers see review after review in which the composer waxes eloquent about the author, the "I'm-All-Squees-and-Whoopees" over the book (without telling us why) or babbles about themselves.

Below is a review from the web site FICTIONAL CANDY, specifically from the overseer/owner of this wonderful review site, LIZ. Yes, the review is about one of my books, DECADENT DECEPTIONS. And even though there is no coveted 5-star in sight, the review in and of itself is excellent for several reasons:

Fictional Candy* Reviewer delves into character traits (good or bad) and brings weight to the character's role in the novel.

* Reviewer talks about WHAT the book is about, storyline, characters and even genre, with details.
* Reviewer tells her audience WHY she loved the novel (even delving into a comparison between modern day attitudes and historical)
* Reviewer does NOT talk about her star-struck love over the author (in fact, she doesn't know the author's prior works)
* Reviewer brings the "essence" of the story to life through her observations of characters, sub-genre (suspense) and also defines the level of erotica or lack thereof. (This is so important to many readers)

Most authors are aware there are millions of books for readers to choose from. They also realize readers spend hard-earned money to read their work. When a review site like FICTIONAL CANDY takes the time to not only read the book but encapsulates the novel in true form for readers, this is truly a win-win for both author and READER.

Kudos to Liz at Fictional Candy for caring about both!

Read the review below and dissect WHY it works.

When you drive through your neighborhood and people have their windows open, do you look inside?  I don’t mean peeping tom, but more just passing interest as you drive by?  How do they have their furniture set up?  What are they watching on tv?  And just what are they doing???  I do.  I have a bit of a voyeur in me, so I was not surprised at all when I loved Decadent Deceptions.
Keta Diablo had it right when she named this book Decadent, because my-oh-my, it surely is. This story takes us back to Georgia in 1856.  Olivia Breedlove just discovered that her father’s last will and testament orders her married within six months if she wants to inherit her portion of the estate.  But Olivia is no blushing violet, she is a modern thinking woman – and she intends to find a loophole.  And boy, does she! And it includes a few visits to the local madame’s to see if she can learn a thing or two - and she enlists the help of her brother, Cain, and her neighbor, Morgan (whom she is secretly in love with, by the way). I thought Olivia was very enigmatic. She’s a young woman, struggling against the confines of the times.  But she is also intelligent and a bit audacious, and I really enjoyed reading about her different antics and angst throughout the story.
But what good would a historical erotic romance be if there were no secrets?  Trust me, this story has more secrets than you could shake a stick at! Whodunit? Who is going to do it?  And who wants to do it??
Let’s talk about her neighbor, Morgan.  Morgan is a bit of a playboy, he’s very wealthy, a tad manipulative, and positively head over heels for Olivia.  And he is just beyond wonderful.  Even when I suspected him of something horrible, I found myself rationalizing and finding a way to keep on loving him.  At times I thought he was insane, and others I just knew it. 
Treachery and debauchery are all around in this story, and it was perfect.  Someone is murdering people, and Keta makes sure you suspect everyone – I just love that!  And Morgan and his blasted teasing!! This is why it is a good thing I was not around back then, because I don’t think I could have stopped myself from jumping all over that man.  There was definitely a lot of events in this story to keep me engaged and entertained.
The characters in this story are very colorful and vivid, and they were so much fun. I really loved every single page. And on top of all that it was hot and steamy, full of delicious teasing, with some extra additions of mystery. I am new to Keta’s writing, but I can absolutely see why she has such a loyal following – now plus one more. This is one of those stories I could see myself reading over and over because it was just so much fun to be along for the ride.  If you like erotic historical romance, then this is definitely a book you should check out!  You know, a book doesn't get over 25 Five Star Reviews for no reason!

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Extremely Average said...

You are right, that was a well written review. I don't expect most folks to understand how to write a review, so I'm happy with anything, but getting one that covers all the bases, is awesome.

I hope it serves you well.

Liz @ Fictional Candy said...

I am completely honored with your words. Thank you very much!

Kayelle Allen said...

An entertaining look at a very solid review. Thanks, Keta. And congratulations.

Claude Nougat said...

I completely agree with you Keta, what matters in a review is content and quality, not waxing lyrical in a pointless fashion! This is an excellent review, kudos to the reviewer, and I hope it helps you sell books Keta!