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CHIMERA - What does it really mean?


A chimera is an unrealistic idea that you have about something or a hope that you have that is unlikely to be fulfilled. 

Sentence example: The search for certainty in empirical knowledge is a chimera

Or . . .

In Greek mythology, a chimera is a creature with the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a snake. 

Sentence example:
The first sight to greet a visitor to the show is a colossal stone chimera , a hybrid of lion and bird, in the museum lobby.

bogy, delusion, dream, fantasy, figment, hallucination, ignis fatuus, illusion, monster, monstrosity, snare, spectre, will-o'-the-wisp

1350–1400; Middle English chimera  < Latin chimaera  < Greek chímaira  she-goat; akin to Old Norse gymbr, English gimmer  ewe-lamb one year (i.e., one winter) old, Latin hiems  winter (see hiemal), Greek cheimṓn  winter 

In fiction, particularly medical or suspense novels, Chimera has been used to create a person with two personalities (split personality). The troupes or characters generally display passive aggressive, manic personality, or multiple personalities. Chimera gene structure and schizoid personality disorder have also been included in some fiction novels.

An Erotic Romance Suspense Novel

One could easily call one of the characters, the villain, a CHIMERA in Decadent Deceptions. He appears quite normal to those who know him, yet the reader is aware of the internal demons he battles. You won't know his identity until the end (as in most suspense novels) but the reader is aware that a very troubled individual lives on the periphery of Morgan and Olivia's lives.
Here's an excerpt in from inside the villains head (or in his point of view).

He closed his eyes, allowing his senses to feast on the aromatic blends. Glaring sunlight hurt his eyes and burned his pale skin—nothing compared to how his heart burned for her, his Olivia. He strolled among the twisted arbors and masses of blossoms for over an hour talking to her, knowing she walked with him, her slender hand tucked into his.
He arrived early every morning and waited for her to appear, skipping like a forest nymph over the narrow wooden bridge, stooping to run her hands through the underground spring. This was her favorite spot.
His too.
He studied the multitude of roses to his left. Not one among them black—his calling card, a symbolic token of his love for them and a dark remembrance of his mother’s love.
The hot sun bore down on him. Blazing waves of hatred and revenge crawled over his skin. He dropped to his knees, choking back sobs. Why did she have to die and leave him alone in the world?
His mother’s voice called to him from some distant realm. “Kill them all,” she said. “Save them from the wretched death I suffered. Do you want to watch them die like you watched me die?”
He clutched his head, cupping his hands over his ears. Stop the voices. For God’s sake, stop the voices. Desperate to make it to the bench, he struggled to his feet, his legs heavy with exhaustion, his breath shallow. She needed the rose—a symbol of their love.
In a graceful gesture, he placed the rose on the bench.
“For you, my darling Liv. For you, my Venus.”

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