Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Communing With The Dead - PI Frank McGuire, CROSSROADS Series

Why is it we love to read ghost stories? Is it the possibility ghouls might exist? Many different genres incorporate apparitions, spirits, otherworldly beings in their writing. Personally, I'm very enamored with books about ghosts. I love to read about how they react to the living world, or what happened when they passed that trapped them between two worlds? Ghosts abound between the pages of novels -- bad spirits, friendly ghosts (think Casper) and spirits who merely observe the world around them while walking among us.

In my CROSSROADS series, I've incorporated a ghost or spirit in each novella. One of the main characters, Frank McGuire, is a private investigator. He helps find missing children. Frank has worked hard and fine-tuned his gift of communing with the dead.  At times, he wishes the FBI would forget he has the ability.

Here's a little about the ghosts in CROSSROADS series.



A serial killer is on the loose and the FBI has asked Frank to help discover his identity. The spirit of a dead girl breaches the veil to assist Frank. The killer's latest victim, she has a personal stake in bringing the killer to justice. WARNING: The first book in the Crossroads series contains graphic and intense man love sex. Frank is not a very nice character in the beginning of the series. But have faith, even the worst heroes can be redeemed through love.




Someone has it "out" for gay college students. Frank is not only professionally involved in the hunt to track the killer down, but personally invested. Frank pulls out all the stops when he discovers his lover, Rand Brennan, is the killer's next target. WARNING: This novella also has intense, graphic man love scenes. 



While communing with the dead for another missing child case, Frank mistakenly calls forth a ghost -- a young girl who somehow is tied in with his latest case. Frank becomes quite fond of "ghost girl" not to mention grateful when the beautiful young spirit helps him find three missing girls from a small community. WARNING: Graphic sex within the pages of this novella.


Two teens desecrate an old grave and get more than they bargained for. Now they're missing in the Bayou and Frank is called in to find them. A century old ghost provides the assistance Frank needs when "gay bashers" kidnap Rand. The race is on . . . can he find the missing teens and save Rand before it's too late? WARNING: Graphic and intense sex scenes.


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