Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Please Welcome Author Vicki Batman to the Keep

Little Birdie Who...and Other Stories
Author Vicki Batman

 "This is NOT Working": One of those days at a new job when nothing is going right until the new boss steps in.

"Check Her Out": Gum: it’s a sticky situation, especially between the store manager and Auntie Caren when her nephew has to pay for the package he stole.

"Little Birdie Who… " A new town, a new friend, a new beginning. Who would have thought a little bird could bring two people together?

Available here:


Thanks for visiting the Keep today, Vicki. I love, love the cover for Little Birdie Who.  And thanks so much for bringing the lovely books to our attention.


Keta Diablo said...

Welcome, Vicki! So happy you stopped by to visit with us today!



Hi, Keta! I finally got in, but not well. I'm so sorry. Thank you for having me.

Patricia said...

Well that was certainly a teaser for your novel, Vicki. And I'm sure I can get it for my new Kindle?


Hi, Patti! hehehe. Glad you liked the teaser. Yes, ma'am, can get for the kindle. Let me know what you think.