Sunday, January 6, 2013

This Week's Word - Come See!

transitive verb =ˈa-dəm-ˌbrāt, a-ˈdəm-

1. To foreshadow vaguely

2. to suggest, disclose, or outline partially

Origin: Latin adumbratus, past participle of adumbrare, from ad- + umbra shadow.

First Known Use: 1581

sketch, outline, adumbrate, describe, depict, draw

Example of the word in a sentence:
The ending of the novel is already adumbrated [foreshadowed] in the first chapter.

Image Reminder:

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 I had to make a detailed outline for Where The Rain Is Made because so much of the story is based on Native American legend and lore of the Cheyenne Dog Soldiers. When we write historical fiction, I think we should try to stay true to the actual happenings in history. In Where The Rain Is Made, I wrote about Cheyenne customs and their way of life. Yes, the novel has a Happily Ever After although in real life the Dog Soldiers had a very tragic ending. A fascinating piece of our history describes the Cheyenne and all plains tribes. 

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Nominated for Best Romance of the year!


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