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"Sweet historical novel" delivers - Sky Tinted Water

The first review for Sky Tinted Water is in - Can I stop biting my nails now? lol - Lovely review from an Amazon reader. Thank you!

★★★★ "Sweet historical novel" delivers just that, February 4, 2013

This review is from: Sky Tinted Water (Kindle Edition)

Sky Tinted Water is a historical romance based in Minnesota and set in the 1860's. The story deals with a couple's navigation of: finding each other, their new marriage, and the Civil War's onset as well as the more localized conflict between the Dakota Sioux Indians and the American settlers. The novel's name, Sky Tinted Water, comes from the Dakotan version of Minnesota and is Part 1of a series. Part 2, Sky Dance, is being released March 2013.

This story revolves around Rory, who was orphaned at 7 years of age and raised by her older sister, Isabelle Caldwell. The Caldwells and their eight children move to Minnesota after a family tragedy and bring Rory with them. Rory, more or less, stumbles upon the love of her life the first day the family settles in the town of Guilford. We see her finding love, marrying, becoming pregnant and agonizing over the inevitability of her husband, Dawson, enlisting as a Union soldier.

It's easy to see why this is labeled a "sweet historical novel." Rory and Dawson' relationship progressed very smoothly with very little angst (that was supplied by the other story lines). How they reacted and interacted with each other was touching as evidenced by Dawson's response after his first conversation with Rory and a letter Dawson wrote Rory from the battlefield, to name a few examples.

I really enjoyed this novel. It contains romance, humor, conflict, and action. The author gives great insight into the characters' personal lives as well as how they're affected by the controversies of their day. The only issue I had was the initial response (especially Rory's) to a potentially dangerous threat close to home. That being said, I can't wait to see what happens in Part 2.

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