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Best Quotes To Inspire You - #Books #writers #readers

Quotes inspire us. The give us the impetus to plant our butts in the chair and write. Even when we think we have nothing to say. We must do it anyway. Plant our butts in that chair and write words, any words. We can always edit later. 

Quotes give us strength to face a new day. They cheer people, make us realize that every single person you meet is fighting some kind of battle - just like us. Quotes give us hope that even when everything is going wrong today, tomorrow is a new day filled with promise, aspirations, and dreams, 

I've chosen some of my favorite quotes - some are about life, some about books and writing.

But the last one is for YOU - the great writer, for every writer out there! Whether you're just starting out or you're a NYTimes Bestseller, I hope this quote convinces you that YOU ARE INDEED A GREAT WRITER.

A book is proof that humans are capable of working magic. It’s a flat object made from a tree (and it has) lots of funny dark squiggles. But one glance at it & you’re inside the mind of another person, maybe somebody dead for thousands of years.”~ Carl Sagan

This One's For YOU!
Say it Every Day

Thank you for dropping by. I hope I inspired you to be happy, count your blessings and most of all remember...You Are A Great Writer!

Now it's your turn. Do you have a favorite quote to inspire us? Please leave it in the comment section below. We'd love to hear from you. 

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She Betrayed Him Once & Now She Wants Him To Save Her Son. COMES A SPECTER

Welcome to Keta's Keep! Today, I want to share with you my most recent release. A Western Ghost story!

Comes A Specter, Book 2, Ghostland Series
Western Romance/Ghost story

Six months ago, Anya Fleming's ten- year-old son, Willie-boy, found his father hanging in the barn. Traumatized over his father's suicide, the boy hasn't spoken a word since. Now, Willie-boy has come down with a grave, unknown illness and there's only one man who can save him, Sutter Sky, a learned Blackfoot shaman known as Yellow Smoke—a shaman who was once deeply in love with Anya.

But Fate had other plans for Anya and Sutter—she was forced to marry Lewis Fleming, a cruel man who berated her night and day, and brokenhearted Sutter immersed himself in the mystical customs and beliefs of his People and became a shaman.

As if Anya didn't have enough to deal with after her husband's death and son's illness, an evil, sinister ghost is terrorizing their ranch. Anya is convinced the spirit is Lewis, who apparently isn't done making her life miserable.
When she turns to Yellow Smoke for help, will he put aside his bitterness and save Willie-boy? And can the renowned shaman dispel the powerful ghost from their lives and send him back to Hades?

Chapter One

"I have lived in the redness of the stones that mark a path
 through my blood. I am a descendant of a forgotten race,
but I carry in my hands the remnants of their fire"
Blackfoot Shaman

West of Butte, Montana

The ghost came again last night.
What little sleep found Anya left her drained and anxious. She dragged herself from bed, dressed in a dark blue, calico blouse, long brown skirt, and left the cabin to gather fresh eggs for breakfast. They sizzled in the skillet now, reminding her of the hissing sound the evil spirit often emitted. The haunt mimicked other noises too. It rapped its knuckles against the timbered walls of the cabin outside, howled louder than a cyclonic wind, screamed like a banshee and gnashed and growled like a weasel caught in a trap.
She closed her eyes. And other despicable things I can’t bear to think of much less talk about.
Willie-boy shuffled into the kitchen looking drawn and pale but seemed intent on performing his morning ritual of calling Cobb, their ranch hand, in for breakfast. Even Soot, her son's faithful hound, lacked his usual vigor. His ears lay flat against his head and his long, black tail hung limp between his hind legs.
Anya called out to Willie-boy. "Whoa, there, son. Where's my morning kiss?"
Willie-boy pivoted and looked up at her, his adorable, ten-year-old face flushed, his dusky-grey eyes dull. He walked toward her, a half-smile lifting the corner of his lips.
Leaning down, she placed her palm against his forehead. Did he have a fever, was her imagination working overtime or had she truly cracked? "Are you feeling poorly?"
He shook his ebony head of hair.
That's all he ever did these days, nod or shake his head. He hadn't spoken a word since his father died six months ago. Not one. Most days she wondered if he'd ever speak again.
One day, she saw him doodling at the table. When she looked over his shoulder he had drawn the image of a ghost. The specter's face was leathery, marked by deep crevices and jagged lines, yet had gray hair and pale blue eyes. Underneath the amateur drawing, he had written 'Papa'. At the time, her heart sank. Had he actually seen the spirit? Tarot readers, gypsies and mediums said children and animals can see ghosts because they've never been told not to.
She knew for certain then he had also heard the ghost. Course, one would have to be deaf not to. Willie-boy wasn't deaf; he was—the bitter word almost choked her—mute. And, after looking at the name under the picture, she wondered if her son thought Lewis had risen from the grave in the family plot to haunt them. She did too, although they'd never spoken of it.
"All right, then," she said cupping his cheek, "run along and tell Cobb his coffee is getting cold."
She thought about Cobb, her faithful friend who always seemed to be there in all her ups and downs in life. She pictured his long limbs, and slim, but well-muscled body, a body honed to perfection from years of hard work working a ranch. A handsome man with wheat-colored hair and hazel eyes, any sane woman would be attracted to him, yet she never thought of him as anything other than a friend, perhaps a brother.
When Willie-boy slammed the door on his way out, she jumped, and then cursed her late husband. "Isn't it enough you tormented me in life, Lewis? Be gone from here now and leave us in peace."
Lewis had always been a mean-spirited man, especially during the drinking binges, but in the months before his death, he'd gone off the deep end. His binges turned into nightly affairs and paranoia dogged his heels. He would sit at the kitchen table, fingers quaking around the jug, ranting at some unknown entity. The unearthly look in her husband's eyes as he searched every dark corner in the room unnerved her.
Anya treaded softly around him, afraid to ask questions much less suggest he put the jug down. She had seen his wrath, suffered his verbal abuse on many occasions and had no desire to provoke him. He had never raised a hand to her, but in this new, highly inebriated state, the man seemed capable of anything… even murder.
Damn her father for insisting she marry a man ten years her senior 'He will be a good provider, gal. He has promised to buy a small ranch with fifty head of cattle and a handful of well-bred horses.'
'I don’t give a whit if he buys a fancy hacienda and a thousand head of cattle', she had countered. 'I do not like the man much less hold a smidgen of love for Lewis Fleming.'
With tear-filled eyes, her mother had stepped forward. 'Anya, our good name will be tarnished forever if you do not marry and marry soon, before the babe….'
'I will go to Aunt Flora in Wyoming. No one has to know.'
Her mother had gasped. "And never come home again? Oh, I cannot bear the thought."
  Her father had banged his fist on the table. 'You will not name the father and Lewis has agreed to take a wife. The good man has asked for your hand. I have accepted.'
Back rigid, she had met her father's angry eyes but remained silent.
'Listen carefully, gal. There will be no more talk of Aunt Flora or running away from this shameful mess you've gotten yourself into. I will not allow your good Irish name to fall from everyone's lips with a sneer.'
Head up, her chin came out. 'I do not love Lewis and never will!'
Hands out at her sides, a pleading look crossed her mother's eyes. "Maybe in time you will come to love him, daughter.'
Anya felt the depth of her despair in every bone of her body. She knew she could never love Lewis, not when her heart belonged to another, had always belonged to another.  Trapped, she had no choice but to acquiesce to her parents' demands, and she had no one to blame but herself.
A familiar, frantic voice broke into the musings of the past. "Anya, come quick! Anya!"
Cobb's voice. Now what could possibly have happened? Standing at bedlam's door, a breath away from madness, she wondered how much more she could take—Lewis' death, her son's sudden refusal to speak and an infernal ghost bent on terrorizing them.
Anya moved the skillet away from the heat, turned on her heels and rushed out the kitchen door. Terror struck her heart when she took in the scene—Cobb rushing forward with Willie-boy in his arms. Her son's face looked whiter than the clouds overhead and his arms hung limp at his sides. With a hand over her mouth, she sprinted toward them. "What happened? Is he hurt, bleeding? What's going on?"
"Not bleeding and I can't see any injuries. I found him in the barn unconscious. He was under the rafters, Anya, where—"
"Dear God, under the rafters?"
"Lying on the ground, eyes rolled back in his head."
Anya turned in a flash. "Bring him into my bedchamber, and hurry, please." Briefly, she thanked God for Cobb, a childhood friend who had remained steadfastly loyal to her. During the nine years they had lived with Lewis' parents, Cobb worked their ranch. When Lewis finally purchased this place a year ago—a godforsaken, cursed piece of land—Cobb came with them.
Anya settled onto the bed next to Willie-boy. With a sick feeling in her stomach, she reached down and touched his forehead. His raging fever confirmed her imagination had not been working overtime earlier. Shallow and slow breaths rose from his chest, and not a muscle moved in his small body.
Leaning into his ear, she whispered. "Don't leave me, Willie-boy, please hang on. Do you hear me? You must fight."
She stumbled to her feet while trying to dispel the helplessness consuming her. "I'm going for help."
"To Doctor Metz in Butte? That's a good day's ride."
She shook her head. "No, Doctor Metz will be well into his cups by nightfall. The man is a notorious sucker."
Cobb rubbed his chin. "He does like to pull a cork. Where then?"
"Is Sutter still camped along the Wise River?"
"He's called Yellow Smoke now. He doesn't speak his white name, not after Baker's Massacre."
"Oh, I can't think about that now, his parents killed and just about everyone he knew." She rubbed her forehead as if a sharp pain had settled in. "I can only think of Willie-boy, and Sutter Sky, or Yellow Smoke if you prefer. He's the best shaman in the territory."
"He won't help white folks, and besides, you know he's soured on you, ever since you done married—"
"No one holds a grudge for ten years."
"He does after you up and married Lewis Fleming."
 Her voice took on a pleading tone. "But Willie-boy is only a child. He must help, he will help me."
"Let me go. I've known him since we were children."
"Oh, and I haven't?"
"Yes, but he's not sour on me."
"No, I'm going, and one way or the other, I'll make sure he comes back with me. Will you saddle Cheena while I fetch clean rags and cool water? While I'm gone, swab his forehead, and keep swabbing it. Don't forget to place cool, wet rags under his armpits and change them often."
Cobb rose from the chair he'd been sitting in. "I'll do my best to get the fever down." He paused for a brief moment. "You know, you're going to have to push that mare hard to get there and back before night settles in."
"Cheena's fit as a fiddle and fast too. Now, go, please, we must hurry."
Anya called out to him before he left the room. "Cobb, you won't leave him alone, will you, not for one minute?"
"You know I love Willie-boy. I promise I won't leave his bedside."
"What about… what about the ghost?"
"He hasn't entered the house. Don't see any reason he will tonight. 'Sides if he does, I been aching to kick his butt clear to Pittsburgh."
Anya couldn't squelch the small smile. "You can't kick his butt if you can't see him." She looked down at Willie-boy again and wondered if he had seen the spirit. He'd drawn a picture of a man with hollow eyes and an ancient face. Maybe he thought of his Papa as old. "All right, go now and come back as soon as Cheena's tacked. And don't forget my scabbard and Winchester."
"I don't like this plan." Cobb shook his long, blond hair. "Don't like it all, but I know I'm not gonna win with you. I never do."
As soon as Cobb cleared the bedchamber, Anya went in search of clean rags, and a cool pitcher of water.
When she returned, she deposited the rags and pitcher on the night table, then retraced her steps to close the door. She undressed in a rush, and then donned a pair of snug-fitting buckskin trousers, black knee-high boots, a tan blouse and a long black jacket that hugged her waist and flared over her thighs and hips. The jacket would act as a buffer from the dust rolling over the plains and the cold, night air if for some reason she didn't make it back before dark.
As a final touch, she grabbed the gray Fedora resting on a knob of her bureau mirror and plopped it onto her head. She debated about tucking her long blonde hair underneath the hat but in the end, decided to let it flow loose and wild down her back.
Speaking to the mirror, her dark blue eyes narrowed. "I'll find the place you call home, Sutter Sky, and beg if I have to."

What Reviewers Are Saying…

"Comes a Specter by Keta Diablo will raise the hair on the back of your necks as she mesmerizes you, chapter by chapter, through a story of love, determination, and a ghost that wants them all to die. The history of the Blackfeet tribe is woven into the pattern of this story like a delicate chain, connecting the characters together. Keta has done her research well. The anticipation of what will happen next flows through her chapters like warm honey down a sun warmed rock. You think you know what will happen, but then you realize you never had it quite right." 5 Stars

All the characters were well constructed and smoothly set into the setting of the story. The ranch made me visually create the image in my minds' eye. The setting of the story is very descriptive. The end of the story carries a lot of excitement. But I must say that the excitement is being carried throughout the story, which makes the reader want to know, what will happen next. I found the whole story overwhelming. It is a quick read and I would highly recommend to anyone who loves to read Paranormal Romance." 5 Stars

I can't recall the last time I read such a fascinating ghost story, especially one that is steeped in ancient traditions of Native Americans, particularly the Blackfoot tribe. It's rare I come across a paranormal story that is rich with tradition and that those traditions are called upon to expel the evil wrecking havoc in an otherwise normal world. This story is heavy and rich and enthralling. It begs the question, "What next?" 5 Stars

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For #Paranormal #Historical #romance Fans - Land of Falling Stars

Welcome all. I'm so happy you're visiting today! 

My Award-winning Erotic Romance novel, Land Of Falling Stars is on sale November 5th through November 12th for 99 cents!

The blurb and short excerpt follow: 

About Land of Falling Stars

The United States is torn asunder by Civil War.

Two men, linked together by their love for one woman, Sophia Whitfield, answer the call of duty.

An arranged marriage to Jesse James Grantham has been in the works since Sophia and Jesse were children. When he leaves to fight for his beloved South, he promises Sophia they'll whip those Johnny Rebs in no time and when he returns, they'll get married under her mother's rose arbor.

Sophia's best friend from childhood, Gavin Langdale, enlists to fight for the North. Why does she feel as if he's taking her heart with him the day he leaves for war? She loves Jesse…doesn't she?

After Sophia's parents die in a fire, she struggles to save Arbor Rose. Most of the slaves have run off, the South is in tatters and so is the only home she's ever known. Another bluecoat is staggering down the hill, coming to steal the last of her meager possessions. Before the hated enemy has a chance to commit the vilest of acts, she shoots him.

And then discovers its Gavin, the champion of her youth.

Dark secrets lurk in Gavin's memory, secrets much darker than the despicable acts of war. He carries a message for Sophia, a missive from Jesse. When he finds the courage to tell her what really happened to Jesse on that bloody battlefield, she'll hate him—hate him until she draws her last breath.

A powerful story of lies, betrayal and a love that burns brighter than all the stars in Heaven

"Land of Falling Stars lured me in immediately with its lyrical title and instantly captivated me with the haunting love story of Gavin and Sophia."

Setup and Excerpt: Mule Cooper and his son, Billy, set fire to Arbor Rose, Sophia's beloved childhood home. During the attack, Sophia tripped and struck her head on the bedpost. Gavin carried her to safety and then left to kill Billy and his mangy sidekick. Nobody hurts Sophia and lives to tell about it.
Now...he returns to Sophia lying beneath the oak tree. Her breaths are shallow, her face paler than cotton bolls.

Gavin knelt beside Sophia and pulled her into his arms. Deathly white beneath the bright orange sky. Her breaths were shallow, the pulse at her neck weak. "Don't leave me, Sophia. Please fight!"

Next to him, Ricochet whined and looked at Gavin with a bleakness he didn't think possible in a dog. The hound's ears flattened, and he jerked his head toward the long dirt road leading to the manor. Gavin tensed.

"Lawdy, Massah Gavin, we seen the red sky a mile off." Brister hobbled forward, his cane working overtime. "What done happen?"

"Billy Cooper and his friends."

Nap dropped to his knees, wide-eyed. "Miss Sophia." A hand fell across his lips. "What they done to my lamb?"

"She hit her head on the bedpost when the fire broke out." Sick with worry, Gavin turned to Brister. "She's been out for an hour and her pulse is weak."

"What's we gonna do, Massah Gavin?" Brister whined. "She need a doctah."

"Christ!" He glanced over his shoulder. The manor hissed smoke in its final lap, and the barn had been reduced to ashes. "The horses took off across the pasture, find them. If you catch Baby Moon, Mischief will follow." He added, "Take Ricochet and he'll herd them in."

"Yes, sir." Ol' Nap scratched his head. "Then what?"

"Does old Doc Jenkins still practice out of his house in Fredericksburg?"

"Yassah," Brister said.

Nap took in a quick hiss of air. "They's blood all over the hound's neck."

"He didn't like the way Billy talked."

"He dead?"

"He wasn't looking good the last time I saw him."

Ol' Nap's broad face twisted with fear. "His Pa come for you now, Massah Gavin."

Gavin's voice spewed arctic air. "If Sophia dies, he won't have to come for me." Misery, acute and raw, twisted in his gut. Sophia dead? He would put a gun to his head. 

Brister narrowed his eyes, leaned in and inspected the jagged tear on his cheek. "You best let me stitch up that cut."

"I'll have Doc Jenkins look at it."

Her pain-filled eyes loomed as Gavin tossed a ragged blanket— scrounged up from the floor of the smokehouse—over Mischief's back. He grabbed a handful of the mare's mane, hoisted himself up and took Sophia from Brister's arms. The soft moan from her lips gave Gavin hope.

Ricochet pranced around the horse. "No! You stay here."

The dog whined and lowered his massive body to the ground. 

"You can't come this time."

Ricochet barked.

"Do your damn job and protect what's left of Arbor Rose."

"He ain't gonna stay, Massah Gavin." Brister shook his head. "No, siree, soon as you a mile down that road, he gonna take off like he after a fox."

"Tie him up, and tie up that colt too."


"One more thing." Gavin tightened his grip on Sophia. "Don't sleep in the smokehouse or in any building tonight. Cooper will come, and when he does, you don't want to be trapped."

Ol' Nap nodded and grabbed the rope around Ricochet's neck. Gavin dug his heels into the mare's sides and disappeared down the long dirt road.

What reviewers are saying....

"The author pens a story that is unlike any other. Land of Falling Stars makes you believe in the possibility of retribution and the hope of finding your brass ring in the last place you look." 5 stars

"The true hero of this wonderful love story is Ricochet, Sophia's beloved Wolfound." 5 stars

"This is the story of a Southern lady and a Yankee soldier who face the aftermath of the War Between the States. A mustread historical #romance story! You'll need a bucket of icy water to read this HOT story!" 5stars 

There is so, so much to this story. You are going to have to buy this one to find out for yourself! BRAVO Ms. Diablo, BRAVO!" 5 stars

"Land of Falling Stars has the ups and downs of a roller coaster and keeps the reader hanging on with bated breath. A ten-star read!"

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Join in on the Spooktacular Blog Hop and have a Howling Good Time #Spooktacular #BlogHop

While the fall nights are getting colder, you might need something to keep you warm! 

If you love heat like we do, you'll love the fantastic romantic fiction that can be found on the blogs of this hop. 
From sweet to downright sizzling, you'll be sure to find something that you will fall in love with!

Thank you to the authors who are in the hop, and a special thank you to you, our readers!

Now go on.... get your hop on! 

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Welcome Katherine Smits #author The Sea Witch and the Mage

I'm so happy to welcome Katherine Smits to Keta's Keep! I read her recent novella, The Sea Witch and The Mage and loved it! I haven't read about mermaids before and didn't know what to expect, but let me tell you, Katherine did a wonderful job of bringing the characters to life. The plot was fast-paced and descriptive for a novella. I highly recommend  you read her excerpt below and then grab your copy at Amazon. You won't be disappointed!

Here’s an excerpt from The Sea Witch and the Mage. Get It Here On Amazon 
FREE with KU, or 99 cents on Kindle.

Trigger Warning: Explicit sex and violence and brief mention of rape.

In order to avenge her twin’s death and escape the same brutal fate, Athenia must defeat the wizard who killed her sister, but there is only one way—enslave Thorne, a human mage with powers Athenia needs to overcome her enemy. However, she doesn’t count on finding him mesmerizing or desiring him so much. What happens when a shapeshifting mermaid teams up with a man who controls the elements? Can Athenia save herself without destroying her magical lover?

With a whirl, he grabbed her, turning her and shoving her arm up behind her. “What do you want?” Fiercer than he intended, his words came out in a snarl, deep and menacing.
She struggled. “Let go of me.”
Gods, she’s strong. When she stomped on his foot, pain shot through his leg all the way to his knee. Unable to maintain his grip, he let her go, but called upon air to surround her.
The woman hammered on the invisible fortification, consternation reflected on her face. “What did you do? Let me out of here.”
“Not until you tell me why you followed me.”
She unclenched her fists and smoothed her hair, her expression changing from a snarl to a simper he figured was supposed to appear friendly. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to alarm you. I—” She hesitated.
“What?” When his still gruff voice echoed in the small space, he winced. For a moment, she frightened him, surprised him. Flip-flops might not have been the best footwear tonight. In dealing with a she-devil, steel-toed boots would have been a safer choice.
“I wanted to meet you, Thorne Sanderson.” As she inhaled, her low-cut, gauzy blouse dipped, revealing more ivory skin. She must have noticed where he fixed his attention, because she exhaled and took another breath, treating him to the sight again. “Why don’t you ditch this enclosure so we can talk?” She smiled, more genuinely this time, as if amused. “I promise I won’t hurt you.” As though testing the strength of the unseen barrier, she mashed her hands against it.
He frowned. “You already broke my foot.”
The seductive simper converted to a sexy pout. “Because you manhandled me. An instinctive defense.” She plastered herself against the wall of air and squirmed, her silky skirt and top molding to her body.
His mouth went dry. Damn, she’s beautiful. “Huh, I restrained you because you’ve been following me.”
“Because I wanted to talk to you.” She pushed again, which nudged her blouse lower.
Any further and she’s going to fall all the way out. The idea excited him, and he
advanced toward her. “Why not introduce yourself?” Much more of this exhibition and he would need to dismiss the wind fence so he could think.
She chewed her lip. “I wanted to ask you something, but I’m not sure how to do it. I thought if I found out more about you, I would come up with a way to approach you, but I ruined everything.” Tears welled in her eyes and spilled down her cheeks.
Instantly sorry, he dissolved the barricade. “Hey, don’t do that.”
She hid her face in her hands, which muffled her speech. “It’s hopeless, I understand that now.”
Must stop her crying. I can’t stand it. He patted her arm. “Tell me.”
She sobbed again. Sniffled.
Impatient now, he blew out a breath that rounded his cheeks. “What is it?”
She dried her eyes. “I want you to take me on as your pupil.”
Surprised again, he recoiled. “What? Why?”
“As I’m sure you’re aware, I’m Nerei.”
He nodded.
She cleared her throat. “My name is Athenia. I don’t belong to a clan like most of my kind. After a disagreement with our relatives, my sister and I left. For many years, we lived on our own, studying arcane arts and helping the Elders as much as possible. By earning their respect, we attained the title of Sea Witches.”
“Okay, so you know a lot. Why do you want to apprentice with me?”
She clutched his hand. “I lost Delphie.” Her eyes brimmed again. “I don’t want to talk about it, but now I have nothing left except my work. In order to help my people even more, I want to rule air, earth, water, and fire as you do.”
Thorne pulled his hand away. “Impossible, we don’t bestow those skills on outsiders. Anyway, we can’t teach them to you, unless the potential is already within you.”
“You see? Now you know why I wavered about whether to talk to you. I expected you to refuse.” Drooping, she turned away.”
Not wanting to let her go, but unsure why, he acted on intuition and clasped her arm. “Wait.”
She wheeled toward him, her eyes sparkling with eagerness. “Yes?”
“It’s forbidden to teach you to command the elements, but we can help each other. Some of my herbal remedies might be useful to you.
Her smile illuminated the area. “I’ll demonstrate what I learned, and we can create new potions together.”
He nodded. “Possibly we’ll discover something to help your people and mine. Heaven knows, plenty of difficulties bombard us all the time.”
She peeped up at him, teardrops wetting her lashes and pooling under eyes the hue of Florida mangrove leaves. He ran his thumb gently under each one, erasing the drops.
She angled toward him and pecked his cheek with her lips. “Thank you. This means more to me than you can imagine.”

Author Bio:
Katherine Eddinger Smits started writing stories in grade school. While she raised her family and worked as a clinical social worker at four different Veterans Affairs Medical Centers around the country, she honed her ideas for novels.  Since she retired to pursue her passion for writing, she has published two paranormal romances and the third is tentatively scheduled for release in March, 2019.

She has also written numerous blogs and book reviews. Katherine lives with her husband in Homosassa, Florida and Falling Waters, West Virginia. They have a daughter who resides in Alexandria, Virginia and a son, daughter-in-law and two granddaughters in Chesapeake, Virginia. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Sunshine State Romance Authors, Florida Writers Association and Outreach International Romance Writers. Information about her books, blogs, reviews, and other activities is available at her WEBSITE

Social Media links:

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